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19 août 2017 / été

Les Nazes (Glühwein)

19 août 2017 / été

Guide de l’organisateur de convention

Guide de l’organisation de la Glühwein-convention qui peut aussi servir à d’autres organisateurs et monteurs de projets.

FJA Finances

The FJA finances are curently exclusively donations and national convention organisers’ repayments. Some other financing sources could be studied later. If you have any ideas, let us know.

Finances history and FJA actions:

The FJA have been created in 2008 after the first national juggling convention, organised in Carvin by Le Cirque du Bout du Monde.
In this occasion, the all 2600€ of benefits have been given to the FJA! We are eternally gratefull to the CBM for his generousity.
The association Ch’ti Cirq, organisers for the 2004 EJC offered us a 5000 euros loan, without interests, and for a long term. The money came form the 2004 EJC benefits. Thanks for this generous loan.
(Ch’ti Cirq and CBM are the same people, and without them, the FJA wouldn’t exist.)
Participation to the World Circus exhibition
Preliminary visit of the third national convention’s site.
Participation to the token FJA’s finances.
loan to the CAJO for the third national convention.

The new tresaurer is Vincent Aumont. To contact him, send us an E-mail.

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