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19 août 2017 / été

Les Nazes (Glühwein)

19 août 2017 / été

Guide de l’organisateur de convention

Guide de l’organisation de la Glühwein-convention qui peut aussi servir à d’autres organisateurs et monteurs de projets.

Call to action

Hi everyone,

As you can guess, this web site’s redaction team and all the active members of the board and the FJA are volunteers.

We launch a solemn appeal to all jugglers, convention organizers, photographs, video-makers, graphists, who might have a little time, inspiration or just the will to participate to thoughts about the web site or the FJA in general.

Indeed, all what we do, we can do it the participative way; dividing the work to earn time for redaction, re-reading, translation etc. We all have a well fill life : work, family, passions. Our role in the FJA can only be limited since the energy we give will not have lead to the creation of a fix job so someone will take care of the association activity.

Speaking of what, on of the priorities nowadays is to create a french/english translation team. But whatever your motivation is, you will be welcome.

Of course, there are no obligation of any kind if you join us, we want it to be a pleasure to contribute to the French Juggling Association’s evolution.

The redaction team.

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